Corn Chowder

$ 3.75 per person

.Delicious Corn Chowder with potatoes, celery, carrots, and onion

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Veggie stuffed Jumbo shells

Stuffed with broccoli, carrots, onion spinach, and cheese and baked to hot and bubbly

$ 2.50 each

Vegetarian Minestrone

$ 4.75 per person

Packed with fresh veggies, spices, and beans

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Veggie burgers

Yummy mix of brown rice,onion,walnuts, and black beans and spices

$ 6.00 each Sliders $ 3.75

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3 Bean Salad

Garbanzo,pinto, and kidney beans tossed with Feta cheese and celery and marinated in vinegrette dressing

$ 2.50 a serving

Roasted Veggie Wraps

A mix of fresh spinach,onion, red pepper, and zucchini, and carrot wrapped in a tortilla and garnished with ranch

$ 3.25 each

Picnic Salad rolls

Shredded carrot, green pepper, tomato, celery, onion, and dash of dill pickle tossed with mayo and sour cream

$ 3.75 each

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Sesame Noodles ( Hot or Cold )

Sweet and Spicy Linguine in a sesame, chili, soy sauce and garlic sauce.

$ 2.50 a serving

Artichoke and Spinach Lasagna

Yummy blend of artichoke hearts, spinach and mozzarella

$8.75 per person